The use of commercial off-the-shelf system platforms in the communication infrastructure is inevitable. Developing applications that can leverage this equipment while maintaining the availability needs of carrier-grade systems is a challenging task.


Advanced-Platforms Ltd. specializes in telecommunications equipment. Up until now, telecommunications companies have designed their own chassis for the electronic cards for telephone exchanges. Recently specifications for standard chassis have been adopted by the major international telephone companies, making it attractive for telecomm companies to buy these chassis from outside companies, rather than developing them in-house.

David Wright, one of Advanced-Platforms’s founding partners, was a consultant to the committee that developed the new standard and the other partner, Kevin Gyllenberg, has ten years experience in software with a major Israeli telecommunications company. With our expertise, we are confident that we can develop and supply chassis according to the new specification both for the Israeli and international market.

David Wright’s previous company, Wickenby Consulting Ltd, has already established an international reputation in this market segment, including six years of consulting to Israeli telecommunication firms.

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