Advanced-Platforms is entering a specific sector of the telecoms market just at the point where significant changes in both market space and technology are taking place.

AdvancedTCA® and AdvancedMC® module airflow measurements

Advanced-Platforms Ltd. has been aware for a while of some of the problems facing systems integrators requiring to utilise boards from different vendors in correctly and adequately cooled high power systems.

Advanced-Platforms Ltd. cannot solve these integration problems.

We do provide services and products to enable integrators to fast track the thermal integration process.

We support board airflow characterization using our on site a test chamber designed to ASHRAE -ANSI-AMCA 210-99 (AMCA 210-85) standards specifically for AdvancedTCA boards and RTM and also AMC modules. This enables us to plot board back pressure from 0 to 200 Pa (0.8" wg) against flow rates of 0 to 0.05 M3/s (100 CFM). Results are given in tables as shown in PICMG 3.0 figure 5.3 and AMC.0 5-1 in both English and metric units and as fitted equations. All the measurements are normalized to Standard Air

Based on our experience with the bench tool we are in process of producing a portable board and RTM measurement tool to provide on site measurements normalized to Standard Air. This tool accepts standard and double width front and RTM and produces a full set of curve results.

We are actively planning to support Shelf characterization with a tool set comprising a set of front boards and RTM modules. These are installed in the shelf under test with a PC Ethernet link to the shelf manager. The tool runs through a Windows program and provides a set of results that meet the existing and expected enhanced CP-TA requirements.

Our SAAM software can be used from the early design stage, where it can investigate airflow interoperability conditions, through the integration stages to balance airflow and on to maintenance and support where the addition or replacement of board functions can be investigated.

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