End-users and service providers do not care about the state of the hardware; they want their services continuously available and delivered without disruption.


Why our shelves
Advanced-Platforms (through Wickenby Consulting) have been involved in AdvancedTCA® from the beginning in November 2001. David Wright, Advanced-Platforms founder and President, took part in the first committee meetings that produced the first revision of the PICMG 3.0 specification in December 2002. David has since contributed to revision 2, released March 2005 and is part of the team working on revision 3. David has been responsible for over ten high performance AdvancedTCA® shelf products.

Advanced-Platforms have introduced several unique features into AdvancedTCA®. Some of these have been adopted by our competitors. However, our latest designs now include further features designed to both enhance high reliability, high availability performance and to reduce costs.

We have a track record
We innovate

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