About Advanced-Platforms
Advanced-Platforms has selected a small but expanding sector of the telecoms market as its entry point, specifically the high availability sector of AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA.


Electrical Design Engineer -

Advanced-Platforms will be able to put in place the missing design pieces in time for some self imposed deadlines. We will seek an experienced electrical design engineer who can demonstrate the capability to think 'out of the box' and take on more of the systems elements.

Marketing -

We do not have the CEO, CFO and marketing positions filled at this time. While we are more than comfortable with the technical challenges involved with introducing High Availability systems, the company will need to be managed and supported in these essential areas before moving into stage two funding. We are considering filling these positions with part time business 'angels'.

During the first stages we will use third party marketing consultants to identify opportunities in the (over 150) telecoms related companies within Israel. We will need to put in place a sales manager to implement our marketing strategy in stage two. He will commence by strengthening our existing relationships in Israel but he (or she) will need to have the ability to develop business in Europe and the USA as part of a larger team.

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